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GREEN BLOGS - Prognimak Alexander
Prognimak  Alexander
07.10.2010, 10:08
 Prognimak Alexander

Main priorities of the internal policy from the Political Party ZELENY:

- To raise the consciousness of Ukrainian citizens to a maximum level for the importance of implementation of the "green" ideas in the state;

- Provision of constitutional rights and freedoms;

- Save Ukraine as an unitarian state;

- The official language of the state is Ukrainian. But to stop the long lasting debates in the society, the number of official languages in the country must define the citizens on the All-Ukrainian national referendum;

- Development of a parliamentary-presidential model of the country;

- Any change in the political form of government in the state should be determined only by Ukrainians on referendum;

- Strengthening the role and financial independence of local governments. In particular, in order to implement the "green" ideas;

- To overcome the corruption in the sphere of legislative, executive and jurisdiction.

Main priorities of the external policy from the Political Party ZELENY :

- Ukraine has to participate actively in spreading the green idea in the world. Besides to try to attract money for the green reforms in the country;

- Nuclear free status of Ukraine;

- Ukraine has to try to become a participant of the collective security system in Europe;

- Membership of the state to any political and military alliance (NATO) or a political union (EU) may be agreed only with the consent of citizens in a national referendum;

- Ukraine should establish mutually beneficial relations with all its strategic partners - the U.S., EU, Russia;

- Ukraine should increase cooperation with the countries of the Pacific region, the Middle East, Africa and Latin America;

- The state should maximize its efforts on lobbing the interests of national business in the world. In particular, to increase the sales markets for Ukrainian goods and services;

- Optimal use of important strategic geopolitical position of Ukraine. In particular, to increase the transit role of the country (raw materials, transport, maritime transportation).

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