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Priorities of Zeleny

The Party is


- Irresponsible usage of the natural resources and pollution of the environment

- Production, import and sale of GMO-products

- Increase of the retirement age for Ukrainians

- Implementation of the tax on real estate and bank deposits

- Unjustified increase of the public utility tariffs instead of using the saving technologies

- Barbarous spoiling of the Ukrainian soils with the outdated agricultural technologies

- Industrial and waste incineration plants located in the city boundaries

- Endless political conflicts

- Ideas about the federalization of Ukraine

- Corruption and lawlessness in the government

- Infinite increase of the external debt of the state as a yoke for the future generations

- Establishment of the relations with some foreign partners at the expenses of another ones

- Involving Ukraine into the inter-state alliances (NATO, EU) without the Referendum

The Party is


- Comprehensive implementation of the "green" technologies and an increase of the number of working places in the large-scale environmental investments

- To give to the Program of the response to the climate changes the status of the national project

- Significant increase of the subsidies from the budget to solve environmental problems

- Increase the penalties for the enterprises which pollute the environment

- Implementation of the Mechanism of recalling the local MPs and deputies by voters

- Referendum concerning the state language in order to finish the long lasting debates

- Parliamentary-presidential model of the country

- Strengthening the role and the financial independence of the local authorities. In particular, on environmental issues.

- Overcoming the corruption in the legislative, executive and judicial authorities

- Non-nuclear status of Ukraine

- To join the European collective security system

- Mutually beneficial relations with all strategic partners of Ukraine: U.S., EU, Russia

- Development of the small and medium businesses as the basis of Ukraine´s economy and the guarantee of prosperity of the ordinary Ukrainian citizen

- Reformation of the housing and communal services system and protection of the interests of SDMX

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