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GREEN NEWS - Ukraine
27.06.2012, 09:11

ZELENY party and its leader Alexander Prognimak declared the beginning of association of "green" movement in Ukraine. This event is sign as for all supporters of "green" idea, and destiny of the country as a whole.

- "Green" movement of Ukraine at last took a way of long-awaited association. The Zelenye party publicly called for this process and applied many forces for the last four years, - ZELENY party leader A.Prognimak noted. - We are glad that to us, before parliamentary elections, numerous activists of Green Party of Ukraine joined. It will allow to create still big fraction "green" in the Verkhovna Rada for practical realization of "green" ideas.

All "green" should understand: alone we won´t solve any problems, and only we will waste time in vain.

A.Prognimak also noted that the ZELENY party already has a successful experience of association of "green" movement at the international level. In 2010 the Zelenye party acted as the initiator of creation of the international Euroasian Association of Green Parties (EOZP) into which entered "green" Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and Kazakhstan. One of examples of successful activity of EOZP creation of the Ecological Constitution of Eurasia.

- "Green" movement of Ukraine unites for the sake of the future of Ukraine and the future of our children. So, despite occurring chaos, we still can rescue our country from an ecological disaster and provide a worthy standard of living of Ukrainians, - ZELENY party leader A.Prognimak emphasized.

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