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GREEN NEWS - Ukraine
27.06.2012, 09:27

It was declared by ZELENY party leader Alexander Prognimak following the results of presentation of association of "green" movement in Ukraine.

- According to polls, supporters of "green" idea consider itself 18-20 % of citizens of Ukraine, especially in the southern, central and east regions of Ukraine, - ZELENY party leader A.Prognimak speaks. - If to speak about active voters, on the future parliamentary elections per lot "Green" 6-10 % are ready to vote. And taking into account occurring unifying process in "green" movement, we can speak and about 15 %. Especially I want to emphasize the important fact: "green" is the political force having ready decisions on all economic, social and political aspects of life of Ukraine.

A.Prognimak noted that the Zelenye party keeps the word before supporters of "green" idea therefore is quiet for the rating and is sure of trust from Ukrainians.

In particular, the ZELENY party initially presented to Ukrainians the basic principles and tasks, having called their 10 "green" precepts.

Ukrainians have the right to clean air, pure water and the earth without garbage dumps and "Chernobyl", on food without GMO. Have the right to a worthy standard of living in the country. And the main thing have the right to the "green" power for realization of these tasks. Here main priorities of ZELENY party.

The ZELENY party, unlike other political forces, carries out system work on protection of ecology and the rights of citizens, A.Prognimak emphasizes.

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