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GREEN NEWS - Ukraine
28.08.2012, 09:20

Political forces are obliged to sign The memorandum of non-use of "black" public relations, providing carrying out "pure" parliamentary elections, public refusal of mutual slander, "black" technologies and conscious deception of voters. With such initiative Green party leader Alexander Prognimak acted.

- For the last decade the Ukrainian politicians mass use of "black" technologies discredited idea of elections and the authorities, - Green party leader A.Prognimak notes. Many years "black" was called as "white". From honest politicians "thieves" became, and from the real thieves molded a warm and fuzzy icon. Wishing to deceive all it is especially convenient, there was an Internet. As a result, politicians outwitted themselves. Ukrainians ceased to perceive politicians seriously and lost hope for life improvement. And the present Verkhovna Rada uses one of the lowest levels of trust in the country.

As A.Prognimak noted, the "dirty" technologies leading political forces cast the country into a chaos condition. The proof of it is that about 40 % of Ukrainians don´t know for whom to vote on parliamentary elections. Politicians thus discrediting started again "black" technologies and slander against new political forces. In particular against the young party "Zelenye", the first time going to parliament.

A.Prognimak notes what yet late to return trust of Ukrainians to future parliament. And at the beginning of parliamentary campaign to sign between all political forces The memorandum of non-use of "black" public relations. Politicians should have courage to assume the public obligation not to say lies to the voter. And also - to win the ideas, instead of lie against opponents.

The Zelenye party calls all political forces participating in parliamentary campaign, to join The memorandum of non-use of "black" public relations.

A.Prognimak also emphasized that pure the relation between people and the power are one of key election pledges of Zelenye party.

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